~Eternal Beauty, Eternal Earth~

In pursuit of eternal beauty.
Circular beauty that does not burden the skin nor the environment.

In a world overflowing with things,
what is true richness, what is true beauty?
Aetās believes less-is-more.

For us and the Earth to shine brighter,
formula composed of environmentally friendly ingredients,
packaging with a high recycling rate,
starting with sustainability,
Aetās brought simple yet powerful Circular Beauty to life.

The Cleanser 200mL - Aetās

Cleanse with nutrients

The Cleanser

Macadamia nut oil and argan oil extracted while retaining as much nutrition as possible using a cold pressed method are formulated as a base to gently remove sebum and impurities and moisturize the stratum corneum.


Quench with nutrients

The Lotion

A fast-penetrating lotion that moisturizes every corner of the stratum corneum for inner dry skin.

Moisture and nutrient-rich ingredients are smoothly absorbed into the skin and stored, leading to hydrated and firm, lustrous and radiant skin.


Fortify with nutrients

The Moisturizer

A shield-type ultra hydrating moisturizer that replenishes inner dry skin.

Aetās original rapid penetration Beauty Core Rocket (BCR)™️ is generously formulated. The Vitamin Gel Emulsification methoddoes not re-emulsify on the skin, and forms an instant veil upon application. Skin is soft and supple, with a smooth texture.

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