Activate your best skin condition

Aetās focuses on the beginning of the skin.
Skin cells are born and from the inside, they go through a process called turnover, reach the outer stratum corneum, and peel off.
We believe that by continuing to deliver effective nutrients to the environment in which the skin is born before turnover occurs, we can nurture healthy cells that are resistant to stress.

We aim to create a well-balanced skin environment by continuously supplying nutrients even during cell turnover. Using a formulation technology that mimics a lamellar structure (a state in which water and oil layers are alternately connected), water-soluble and oil-soluble nutrients can penetrate and spread evenly to every corner of the stratum corneum. Maintain the healthy condition of the cells until they peel off, and skin is radiant and smooth as porcelain.

Support throughout Skin Cell's Lifecycle

The cells are born and as they grow they are gradually pushed up toward the surface. But by the time they reach the stratum corneum, they can no longer receive nutrients from the body. Instead, they are accepted by the intercellular lipids in the stratum corneum, gradually assumes barrier function, and come to play a role in protecting the skin.

Intercellular lipids have a lamellar structure and have the capacity to hold nutrients. However when intercellular lipids are lacking, moisture escapes from the surface of the skin and the balance with oil is lost, which is said to cause dryness and inner dryness. By repeatedly nourishing the skin until the cells that have finished their role, turn into keratin and peel off, the skin can flourish on its own.