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Origin of the brand name "Aetās"

"Eternity" in Latin

What is Circular Beauty?

Cosmetics that adopt to a circular system and aim to reduce waste and CO2

Other representative cosmetic categories

Clean Beauty refers to a concept that started in the United States around 2015. Choosing not to use ingredients that may affect the natural environment or the human body, "Clean" also means transparency of the brand.

Organic Cosmetics refer to cosmetics that contain organically grown ingredients.

Vegan Cosmetics refer to cosmetics that do not use any animal-derived ingredients.

Natural Cosmetics refer to cosmetics that contain ingredients derived from nature (plants and animals) and that use as few synthetic ingredients as possible.

What is a Natural Origin Index?

Based on the provisions of ISO16128 international standard, the percentage of natural (non-petroleum)-derived ingredients in all ingredients in the product

What is a surfactant?

In general, water and oil are required to keep the skin moisturized. Surfactants are used to blend water and oil so that they do not separate and their respective qualities are maintained. However, from the moment they are applied to the skin, surfactants repeatedly emulsify with sweat and sebum (re-emulsify) and each time attracting external factors such as dirt and fine particles in the air that irritate the skin, and causing the skin burdens such as stickiness. Therefore Aetās do not use them in the formulae.

Ingredients that are easily mistaken for common "alcohol"

・Behenyl alcohol
An oil extracted from oils such as rapeseed oil and used as an emulsifier or thickener.

Extracted from green tea etc. and is mainly used in cosmetics as a bactericidal and antiseptic ingredient

What is the cold pressed method?

Carefully extracted using a low-temperature pressing method at 30 degrees celsius or less so as not to damage the nutritional content that can easily oxidize and deteriorate at high temperatures.

Origin of the ingredient name Beauty Core Rocket (BCR)™️

The moment it is applied on the skin, it acts like a rocket launching and breaking through the atmosphere, separating the boosters one step at a time.